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Sell ​​items

If you are registered as a seller, you can simply set items for sale.

Find the appropriate category and enter them in with your article. Nature of the error helps interested buyers to quickly find the right one!

You can also upload product images may, Prices and payment methods set and highlight your ad special.


Articles as set

1.   Click on Home to Sell


2.    Choose a category press


3.    They are looking out for her article, the Matching category. e.g. Clothing Accessories / Clothing

4.    Product name: Sweater by brand or size


5.    Product Description: Specify write about their products


6.    Details: Size, color, brand and product type condition of the item.


7.    Gallery: Select images and press photos of their products from their saved folder Upload

       The first picture is free available for each additional picture € 0.09 to 12 images.


8.    Customers: You can decide which customers buy their products from Tamil auction or bidding can.

        Public for all customers,

        Public with a message they can make to a client message from Public,

        private auction only favorite from their list to view the articles and buying or bidding.


9.    Number of final sale items: Number of pieces of the article


10.   Price settingstarting price they can offer to their desire to set an initial offer,

         minimum Price they can enter a minimum price and their products will only be sold if this is achieved,

         Buy it now they put their items for a fixed price.


11.    Terms of the offerStart time when their articles to be published in Tamil-Auction,

         Desired term how long her articles to be published in Tamil-Auction.

      Choices are from 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 1 month.


12.    repetition: If your auctions close with no bids, then you have the opportunity to repeat this automatically.

       Please indicate how often you want this process to be repeated. (Enter for no repeats = 0) Up to 10 repetitions.


13.    Location: country the country in which their article is, in which city code is its product.


14.    Shipping They offer a free delivery, only for the country where she lives or offer International Shipping,

      Specifying shipping costs in shipping rates, they can specify multiple shipping costs Example: National, International and European

        DHL     Herms   GLS


15.   Payment Methods: they inform the buyer as the seller what payment methods they accept as.

       (Transfer) Seller bank sends data manually
         Cash and carry
         cash on delivery (More information Nachnahme)
         Direct Debit
         Paypal (More information Paypal)                                                                      
         Treuhandservice (More information Treuhandservice)    

16.   Particular emphasis this:

      On the home page: Your Aucktion other shows we happened upon the main charge € 4.99

        Above category list: Your auction will randomly appear in the relevant category page charge € 0.49

        BoldYour auction will appear in bold charge € 0.05

       TextMaker effect: Your auction will be highlighted listed fee € 0.19 (Tamil-Auction fees)


17.   Equipment store: they can adjust their product data with a name to save as a template or a Later Period.


18.  caching auction and preview they can see how their products on our Tamil Auction page is set,

      if they still want to make changes is possible, or to stop selling.


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