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How can I earn money with cryptocurrency?

How it works?
The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains is enormous.More than 1000 different digital currencies have been around since Bitcoin first appeared in 2009.Since then, the Ethereum group has also received quite a lot of attention with its blockchain solution.You now know how you can earn a lot of money online with crypto currencies, and smart contracts and ICOs are not foreign words for you.In this article we are now talking about other ways to make a lot of money with crypto.

We think about Coin Lending and Buy & Hold.We also introduce an indirect method of earning a lot of money with digital currencies, namely by investing in the underlying technology instead of in the currency.

Earn a lot of money online with cryptocurrencies

Just as you can earn money with almost everything online today, so does it with cryptocurrencies.We provided 3 ways to earn a lot of money online with digital currencies.On the other side, there is the option to buy into a mining pool.In doing so, you will be acquiring some of the hardware on a rake farm where bitcoins are being mined.So you'll be interested in the educated coins.Sadly, mining bitcoins at home is not worth it, as it now needs an enormously high computing power. Even if you could set it up in your own house, the only one who can make a lot of money is your energy provider.

Trading, as well as dealing with cryptocurrencies on a stock exchange, is the second option.Just like with shares or bonds, you buy crypto currencies and sell them with a profit, preferably.But only those who are interested in technology should go to the stock exchange, because in order to make a lot of money with it, you must always be well educated.Crypto currencies are still subject to heavy fluctuations. To avoid losing money, you have to be vigilant when you buy and sell the best.Finally, of course, you have the option to offer cryptocurrency services or products.It works well, particularly with digital products.But also here you should be aware of the price fluctuations. Invest the earned currency right away or buy something, because tomorrow it could be a lot less worth.

Earn a lot of money by smart contracts and ICOs

Sadly, contracts govern our everyday coexistence and are often not very easy to understand.Expensive attorneys must be hired to discern and clarify these agreements, what conditions apply to both parties and whether there is a potential breach of contract.
So-called smart contracts are intended to fix this.There are software protocols on which the terms of the contract are algorithmically specified.Accordingly, a network of computers checks whether a contract is valid or null and fulfills the contract conditions accordingly.Smart contracts are protocols built on a blockchain.This actually can not be modified, as in this case any device connected to the network will be told.That makes the software pretty safe.
There is a real hype around this technology nowadays.We use many start-ups to put their own cryptocurrency to the market.To do this, they use a method of crowdfunding known as ICO in the crypto industry.In the "Initial Coin Offering," entrepreneurs are looking for investors who buy their cryptocurrency and thus support the company's base. In most cases, the currency does not yet exist.
Participating in an ICO is definitely risky.But if it works out well, you can make a lot of money with it.As always, the key is knowledge. Inform yourself fully, understand the technology behind it and what advantages it could have.Observe other currencies and "big players" on the market to minimize the risk and never invest all your money in an ICO (or sell, bonds, etc.).On coinmarketcap.com and coingecko.com you can find out about the current price, market capitalization, size, etc. of each cryptocurrency.Look at icoalert.com for all past and currently listed ICOs to find out about successes and losses.Remember you can always contact the company with questions during an ICO.The more you know, the lower the risk. Otherwise, a lot of money would easily lose a lot of money.

Earn a lot of money with cryptocurrencies – that's how it goes!

There are now huge ways to earn a lot of money with crypto currencies.Below we will introduce you to three other choices, namely borrowing, purchasing & holding, and investing in blockchain technology.

Earn a lot of money with coin loans

Coin loan refers to borrowing your cryptocurrencies, or coins, as the most common platform that then trades with your coins.If the trade is successful, you will receive an interest rate that you have previously set.If the trade is not successful, you will not lose anything, but you will get back the amount traded.Even if you can't make a lot of money with it, at least you won't lose any.
Since this is a pretty risky business, coin loans are mostly run on platforms where a bot, also a computer program, takes action.For example, Poloniax, HomeBlockcoin or coinlend are platforms on which coin loans can be run.org. Start-up capital, maturity and interest rate can be individually adjusted, with some platforms requiring a minimum start-up capital.The advantage for you as a borrower, also a currency investor, is that you can engage in the trade without exposing yourself to the risks.Nonetheless, the sometimes very high fees of these borrowing stock exchanges are a drawback.For example, HomeBlockcoin lets you participate from $100 or more.There, this definition can also be evaluated at relatively low financial risk.

Make a lot of money with Buy & Hold

Buy & Hold is an investment strategy that is about buying and retaining capital.Each transaction costs cash.To work as much as possible to beat the market can also go backwards and suffer losses instead of making a lot of money.Think of a traffic jam on a three-lane motorway.If you stand on the right track and the left moves faster, you try to change quickly.But as soon as you get on the left line, the right moves at once.Ironically, an experiment has proven to be the fastest way forward if you simply stay on your track.Also in the Buy & Hold. There, it's crucial to choose exactly which cryptocurrencies you're taking up in your portfolio, because here too: multiplicity reduces losses.Buy & Hold should be benefited mainly now, according to experts, as long as cryptocurrencies have not yet reached the broad mass.Because as soon as that is the case, the coins will be much more expensive.Buy & Hold also has a benefit that the income does not have to be paid if the coins are held over a year. Nonetheless, please inform your tax advisor to be on the safe side here.
Of course you also have to be well educated about the Buy & Hold approach.Understanding the exit point and first building up a portfolio is extremely important, it takes time.You also have to be mindful that the money invested is really gone for the first time.You should also handle it the same way and not expect you to be able to buy the new TV in a few months.Buy & Hold is a long-term strategy that you should give at least 2 to 3 years. However, if done correctly, a lot of money can be earned.

Earn a lot of money with blockchain technology

A somewhat more subtle way to earn a lot of money from crypto currencies is not to do with currencies.Then, you spend much more in the underlying technology, namely the blockchain.Most precisely, it means that you are investing in businesses that want to use this technology or use it in the future.
Of course, views are split, but many analysts believe that cryptocurrencies have no future in themselves.At the same time, we agree that the blockchain technology can change the world.In fact, this technology is already being used by businesses for various purposes.
Start-ups, like the Australian Power Ledger, use blockchain technology to exchange excess energy.For example, if Mr. Müller has money, he could sell it to his neighbors.Above all, the company wants to make the use of environmentally friendly resources more appealing.
Experts claim that dealing with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is just as pointless as trading with stocks or bonds.Because it is speculative and only takes place as, as an investor, one wants to sell one's plant at some stage and thus earn a lot of money.Alternatively, investing in a building that still has value when you can't sell it makes more sense.
On the one hand, the disadvantages of this strategy are that it is also highly risky. Companies also come and go.However, such an investment usually requires a little more capital than just a few hundred pounds or euros.Nonetheless, it may well be worth it. Always bear in mind that with such investments you can not only earn a lot of money, but probably always make a contribution to society or the community and also help the founders.

Earn a lot of money with cryptocurrencies?

Sure, indeed. A lot of money can be won with cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology.There are a lot of possibilities that all have their advantages and disadvantages.Before you use any of them, please inform yourself in depth. Talk to people who have gained experience in the field and never spend all of your money in a building.So you minimize the risk and maximize your chance to earn a lot of money.

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