How can I make money with

How can I make money with

How can I make money with
Undoubtedly-money is booming on the Internet. And that's been going on for some time, but the hype seems unbroken. Yes, on the contrary, every Web user still feels ashamed: Every day, more can be achieved with your own shop or as a so-called influencer with a large number of followers. Whether through modern social media channels such as Instagram & Co. Old proven online platforms like Ebay or perhaps somewhat less well-known and somewhat different Etsy marketplace – that's what it's supposed to be all about here today. What exactly is the way you can make money with Etsy? You will find out exactly what you have to pay attention to and what you can sell there in the following sections.

For everyone who doesn't know Etsy yet

Etsy is one of the world's largest online marketplaces for designers, artists and collectors ' products. With a well-sounding philosophy, Etsy defines his motto: "The goal is to give people the opportunity to change the economy. Etsy wants a world where small businesses have a much greater impact on the economy, where local economic systems flourish and where people appreciate origin and authorship as well as price and comfort. We give a soul to business and make the world a little fairer and more sustainable (...). We believe in the idea that care, craftsmanship and joy are the foundation for the best work.

In fact, Etsy is an online trading platform for the purchase and sale of handmade products, vintage articles and artists ' needs founded in 2005. According to its own statements, Etsy describes itself as a "worldwide marketplace for unique, special, exceptional and creative goods." The headquarters are located in New York, a Berlin branch was founded in 2010. Until 2018, the DaWanda platform was the main competitor in Germany, pursuing the same concept as Etsy. However, DaWanda decided to stop operating, so the platform was shut down at the end of August this year. All the sellers and shops that wanted this could switch to Etsy free of charge. That's probably also gone over the stage relatively easily. Now Etsy is one of the world's most flourishing online trading platforms. And this with the aim of prioritizing interpersonal relationships and the free development of creativity. Through Etsy, people are supposed to find themselves pursuing the same goal: to make the world a bit more beautiful, varied and colorful. As we find a pretty good approach.

But Etsy goes beyond a normal online marketplace, because you can't just sell your items there. Etsy supports you in opening up your own "business." A first step in your independence that you might not have dared in any other way.

How to make money with Etsy

Etsy is not comparable to other sales platforms such as Ebay – at least as far as the offer is concerned. Only things from one of these three categories can be offered on Etsy:

Handmade products – these may only be articles produced and/or designed by the seller himself.
Vintage articles – they must be at least 20 years old
Creative needs (materials & tools) – this includes tools,
Components, ingredients or materials used in the manufacture of a product or in the design of a special occasion.

The "requirements" to be observed in the individual categories are clearly defined and subject to strict rules. You must then confirm this as a seller. For example, in the "Manufactured" category, you have to explain that all handmade articles are manufactured and/or designed by you only and exclusively. If you have one or more partners, you must specify them (n) and give a "truthful" description. You may only use your own photos for presentation in your shop.

 What does it cost to sell to Etsy?

To be active on Etsy, you have to register as a member and open your own shop. At first, this does not cause any costs. It only costs something from the time you set up your item and offer it for purchase. But this is simply regulated, there are 3 types of sales fees:

Adjustment fees – 0.17€ per article
Transaction fees – 5 percent of the sales price will fall on each sale.
Payment processing fees – 4 percent zzgl will be added to payments via Etsy Payments. Calculated at 0,30 Euro. However, there are other payment options as well.

Each item will remain in the shop for four months or until you have sold it. Important: Adjustment fees are calculated in US dollars (currently approx. 0.20 USD).

How do you open your own shop:
It's quite simple:

*You only have to open an Etsy account, you also have to become a member.

*Superior a name for your shop
*Your requested payment method, i.e. how your buyers should pay you
*And set your desired settlement method, i.e. how you want to pay your Etsy fees.

Then you can immediately start, adjust and sell your articles.