General Trading Conditions

Terms and conditions for use of the Tamil-Auction.com Web Sites


§ 1 Terms of Reference
The business relationship between Tamil-Auction.com and its members (the "utilization ratio") belong exclusively to the following terms and conditions in their current version.


The Tamil-Auction.com site is a marketplace, offered on the natural and legal persons and companies who have applied for a membership account of goods and services of all kinds, can be purchased and distributed, provided the offer, sale or purchase does not violate legal regulations, these Conditions or the Tamil Auction violates principles.





You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail). The time limit begins after receipt of this notice in written form, but not before fulfilling our obligations under Article 246 § 2 in connection with § 1 Sections 1 and 2 draft Law, as well as our duties according to § 312g para 1 sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or the goods. The revocation is to the Disclaimer the address, or sent by e-mail to customer service.





In the case of an effective withdrawal, the mutually received benefits and any benefits (eg interest) surrendered. Can you give us the performance received and benefits (eg benefits) refund wholly or partly or only in deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation for the value. This can cause you to fulfill your contractual payment obligations for the period up to cancellation.


Obligations to reimburse payments must be made ​​within 30 days. The time limit begins for you when you send your cancellation notice, and for us upon receipt.


Special Notes


Your right of cancellation expires prematurely, if the contract is fulfilled by both sides on your specific request, unless you have exercised your right of cancellation.


End of withdrawal


§ 2 Principles


[1] Tamil Auction, Rhine dike Str.59, 47198 Duisburg is the operator of the trading platform of Tamil-Auction.com.
Focus of the trading platform is the presentation of goods for sale and services to use (the "Articles") by the respective members (the "Presentation") within the framework of a so-called on-line auction or option, Buy It Now (Fixed Price) . Members can be all natural and legal persons and partnerships that have registered with Tamil-Auction.com (hereinafter "Member"). In the case of the on-transacted through the trading platform established market transactions between the respective registered members may either be consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions between private individuals, as well as business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions between businesses and private individuals as well as involve business-to-business (B2B) transactions between businesses.


[2] Tamil-Auction.com represents only the technical and organizational infrastructure, to ensure the proper conduct of business in the marketplace.


[3] Tamil-Auction.com is itself not a party to the closed solely between the members of this marketplace contracts. The meeting closed with the Tamil-Auction.com contract is solely between the members.
The members are responsible for regulatory compliance and the enforcement of claims arising from the agreements concluded by them. Tamil-Auction.com specifically assumes no liability for


(a) the accuracy and completeness of the items offered in terms of the particulars and statements,


(b) the items offered as such, and


(c) the behavior and performance of the offering to third parties.


[4] members are required to comply with the use of Tamil-Auction.com applicable laws. It is the sole responsibility of each member to ensure that its presentations are legal and do not infringe rights of third parties. Members may address, contact details and e-mail addresses that they have received through the use of Tamil-Auction.com, for no other purpose than for the pre-contractual and communication. In particular, it is forbidden to resell the data or to use them for commercial advertising, except that each member has consented in writing beforehand.


[5] are in Tamil-Auction.com members of the respective content published by Tamil-Auction.com is not thoroughly tested and do not represent the opinion of Tamil-Auction.com dar.
A review of filings with the registry can make only limited Tamil-Auction.com. A guarantee for the correctness of the stored data by the respective members can not be given. It is therefore not excluded that were stored for a member account false contact. Each member has reason to convince yourself of the identity of his party.


[6] If offers and content to be displayed on mobile devices, has the right to edit Tamil-Auction.com, offers and content of members to be so technically, prepare and adapt to them on mobile devices or software applications will be presented by third parties can. The members are responsible for the presentation of offers on mobile devices responsible.



§ 3 Membership, Registration


[1] are of Tamil-Auction.com at registration requested data completely and correctly, eg First and last name, current address (no PO Box) and telephone number (not a premium service number), a valid e-mail address and optionally the company and an authorized representative.


[2] Members may be all natural and legal persons and partnerships. Individuals must be 18 Years of age, and thus unrestricted legal capacity.


[3] Membership of Tamil-Auction.com is registering as a Member under these terms of agreement ahead. Registration is free. It opens an account. With the registration comes from Tamil-Auction.com and the member a contract for the use of Tamil-Auction.com established (hereinafter "Terms Agreement"). A right to enter a license agreement does not exist. The contract will not be saved by Tamil-Auction.com.


[4] indicated by the member information must be complete and correct. The e-mail address must be valid and accessible for the future. Please log in with only temporarily accessible e-mail addresses is not permitted. The registration of a legal person shall be made ​​only by an authorized individual who must be named. When the user chooses a member name and password. This approval is thereafter by notice to the member by e-mail. The provision of false information right Tamil-Auction.com, which each member to immediately block and terminate the user agreement without notice.


[5] The member must not infringe third party - violate and not violate the principles of morality - in particular, no names or identifying features.


[6] Offer entrepreneurs, consumers of goods or services are required, so in the context of the application shall also indicate by signing up as commercial acting member.


[7] Tamil-Auction.com will not share the password of a member to a third party and never ask a member via e-mail or telephone for his password.


[8] A member of Tamil-Auction.com is not transferable. Any natural or legal person may register only once in Tamil-Auction.com. Multiple applications are possible only with the prior consent of Tamil-Auction.com.



§ 4 Termination and Blocking


[1] Tamil-Auction.com can take the following measures if there is sufficient indication that a member of statutory provisions, the rights of third parties, the Tamil-Auction.com Terms or the Tamil-Auction.com principles violated or if Tamil Auction.com has a legitimate interest, in particular to protect members from fraudulent activity:


A) offers or other contents, delete

B) the use of the marketplace working or restrict

C) members,

D) the member's account temporarily blocked.


[2] facts that are appropriate to justify a dismissal of the contractual relationship may also justify a definitive closure of the member's account. Facts which justify termination without notice are, in particular if


A) has been the member false information when registering,

B) there is a discernible abuse of the trading platform,

C) the operation of the trading platform damaged by the member or impaired

D) or there are violations of other statutory provisions, the rights of third parties or the Tamil-Auction.com Terms.


[3] In the case of dismissal pronounced by Tamil-Auction.com is the member not entitled to re-register in Tamil-Auction.com and may also use any other member accounts.


[4] Members may terminate this Agreement at any time. Explanation for the termination of the written form is required. From the writing requirement may only be made ​​if the cancellation is via the customer service message to the service taking into account the additional rules for termination of Tamil-Auction.com additional rules for termination.



A) Further rules for termination


Would you sign out of Tamil-Auction.com, please check that all your listings and complete your purchases and sales were made in full. Be especially careful if you have rated all transaction partners.


Please note the following instructions for termination:


* After completion of the notice, you can no longer log in with your user name or your e-mail address in Tamil-Auction.com.


* After submission of the notice will be charged your member account fully. Open accounts will be moved even after the termination of your chosen payment method. If your account is not balanced, for example due to a chargeback, we ask that you make prior to the execution of the termination process, a corresponding Ünerweisung to our account.


* If you have been locked in Tamil-Auction.com, it is possible to carry out the termination until after resolution of the outstanding problems.


* After completion of the termination using Tamil-Auction.com your personal information solely to process your membership or account, and then stores this information to meet legal retention periods according to the Tax Code and the Commercial Code. The votes from you review also remain permanently stored.


* Your Member account can not fundamentally be activated again after the termination process.


* The termination of your membership can only be performed when all transactions are completed with your trading partners. To ensure this, a waiting period for the implementation of the termination is to end transaction. To withdraw the dismissal during the waiting period.



§ 5 Liability


[1] Tamil-Auction.com is liable for damages, except in case of breach of contract, only if and insofar as Tamil-Auction.com, its legal representatives, officers or other agents of intent or gross negligence. In the case of a breach of Tamil-Auction.com is liable for any culpable behavior of its legal representatives, officers or other agents. The claim for damages for the violation of essential contractual obligations is limited to typical, foreseeable damage if there is no willful misconduct or gross negligence or liability for injury to life, limb or health. Any liability for indirect damage, in particular for lost profit, only for intent or gross negligence of legal representatives, senior employees or other agents of Tamil-Auction.com. The liability of Tamil-Auction.com is excluded.



[2] The above exclusions and limitations with respect to companies or consumers do not apply in the case of explicit guarantees by Tamil-Auction.com and for damages for injury to life, limb or health or where required by applicable law.


[3] A liability for the consequences of technical failures (cf. § 7 para 2) - of whatever kind and for whatever reason - are excluded.



§ 6 Warranty



[1] Tamil-Auction.com simply provides the technical and organizational infrastructure, to ensure the proper conduct of business in the marketplace. At the completed contracts on this platform Tamil-Auction.com is not involved. Tamil-Auction.com is not responsible and / or guarantee that the description and features, prices, availability, legality of the presentations and the actions of the Parties.


[2] The data communication over the Internet may not be the current state of the art error-free and / or be guaranteed at all times. It is not possible computer programs (software) and data processing systems (hardware) to fully develop and operate correctly and all the uncertainties associated with the Internet medium to exclude (the "technical faults"). Therefore assumes Tamil-Auction.com does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted availability of its website and technical systems and can not guarantee it.


[3] Tamil-Auction.com does not guarantee that the Tamil-Auction.com offered technical services (eg automatic generation of invoices and delivery notes in the Tamil-Auction.com is not involved in shop systems) without failure and are available / or are available at any time. Tamil-Auction.com is not involved in trying to create invoices and delivery notes correctly, the member is itself is responsible for the accuracy of the invoices and delivery notes contained data.



[4] are the sites of Tamil-Auction.com for maintenance or for other reasons to Tamil-Auction.com is not technically or actually available, we reserve the right Tamil-Auction.com, the duration of current items at its discretion to modify or extend.



§ 7 exemption



[1] The member indemnifies Tamil-Auction.com of all claims that other members or third parties against Tamil Auction.com for violation of their rights by a member of the Tamil-Auction.com set presentations and other content or because of the use the marketplace (including the votes of his reviews) assert. The member shall assume the costs of legal defense of Tamil-Auction.com including all court costs and attorney fees. This does not apply if the violation is not attributable to the member.



[2] The member is obligated to Tamil-Auction.com the event of a claim by a third party promptly, truthfully and completely with all the information necessary for the verification of claims and defenses.



§ 8 Rating system


[1] The Tamil-Auction.com website allows members to evaluate each other after a transaction. There is also the possibility that members evaluate other members of published content to determine whether they are helpful, relevant or useful. The reviews are not reviewed by Tamil-Auction.com and may be inaccurate or misleading



[2] Tamil-Auction.com is entitled at any time at its sole discretion to delete or modify the provided evaluation.


[3] Any use of the scoring system, the purpose of the evaluation system runs contrary is prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited:


* give inaccurate ratings.
* Reviews about themselves deliver or arrange through third parties.
* to be incorporated in assessments circumstances that are unrelated to the settlement of the underlying contract in context.
* To use reviews to a purpose other than to trade on the Tamil-Auction.com marketplace.


[4] Tamil-Auction.com allowed each member name and specific feedback profile and the principle of one member for another Tamil-Auction.com Review Comments left by members of all visitors to Tamil-Auction.com, even after termination of membership or by blocking Tamil-Auction.com, make it accessible.



§ 9 Fees and commissions offsetting


Basically, the registration as a member of the Tamil-Auction.com is free.


Tamil-Auction.com does not charge listing fees for listing an item.


Listing fee from the 2 nd picture gallery 0.00 EUR

In the auction list in the fat pressure 0,00 EUR

On the Home Show 0.00 EUR

Above the list of categories to your category 0.00 EUR

Conspicuously marked in the auction list, 0.00 EUR


Transaction fee for auction sellers 0.00%



§ 10 General principles for action on Tamil-Auction.com


[1] The presenter sets the device determines its online-auction the starting price.


[2] The presenter also determines the duration of his presentations. For the determination of the end of the offer period alone, the system clock of Tamil-Auction.com is decisive.


[3] An offer by one member expires only by a subsequent higher offer from another member, unless it is in the presentation is an option Buy It Now (Fixed Price). Not reach tender received after the presentation duration, or the starting price set, are invalid.


[4] The presenter agrees, in the presentation as part of the product or service description truthful information about the property, or given to delivery time, at a fixed price offers in addition a possibly existing supply of title and payment of the offered product or service. This information is mandatory. Errors, which reduce the value of the goods or services not only irrelevant, must not be concealed. In addition, must have the details of the payment and delivery are fully informed.


[5] The price of each presentation is the final price including any applicable VAT and other price components. The sale price does not include Shipping Costs.


[6] The description of an item can not contain advertising for other things and not the link (link) to other information sources (eg websites) that describe not only the items offered.


[7] multiple settings of identical or similar articles shall be omitted. This applies to multiple settings in the same or different categories. Each item must be set only once. If a large number of identical or similar products exist, this is indicated by the number of pieces in each presentation to explain.


[8] Members are required in the use of Tamil-Auction.com the current laws and the rules farther to act in Tamil-Auction.com followed. It is the sole responsibility of each member to ensure that its presentation and content is legal and not violate any rights of third parties. This also applies to the product description and images used here. The presenter secures both Tamil-Auction.com as well as all the members who make presentations during the period, an offer that



Farther rules for Tamil-Auction.com


What can be sold on Tamil-Auction.com?


Prohibited Items

It is prohibited to offer in Tamil-Auction.com legally banned weapons and weapon accessories, drugs, decoding software and tools, fireworks, fireworks, toxic chemicals, certificates and official documents, tobacco True, human body parts, animals, animal products and plants.


Copyrightto images anditem descriptions

It is forbidden to set the images of products offers product descriptions or use of strangers.


Category assignment

Each offer is set to the correct value for the product category. Tamil-Auction.com reserves the right to remove incorrectly assigned offers.



Members who act commercially are, among other things required to provide the information required by law and in particular to consumers about the legal rights Returns to teach and implement a proper imprint under the provisions of the Telemedia Act (TMG).


Feesforpayment services

Does a seller to pay via an external payment service like PayPal, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy or to be calculated and that the payment service provider for the payment of license fees, the seller has previously einzukalkulieren this article in its prices. The buyer may be imposed for use of the service, no additional payment, not even if they have been previously reported.



Newly registered sellers with few votes can only offer high-priced items, if settlement is offered by the trust service ode Paypal or the seller ID Verified member's or a secure e-mail address (such as t-online.de, aol.com, online.de, onlinehome.de) was given at registration.


[9] Provide  entrepreneurs, the goods or services to consumers, are obliged to give them the statutory consumer protection and information to them about the legal Returns teach law, if such exists.


[10] members or related persons of a presenters are not allowed to submit bids for the item. Bid-rigging among members are strictly prohibited. In case of violation, the persons to be excluded without any warning of the trading platform of Tamil-Auction.com.


[11] Tamil-Auction.com expressly reserves the right to shorten the maturity of online auctions at its sole discretion to renew or cancel events without an agreement (to delete auctions). Bidders are not entitled to a subsequent positioning of a bid or replacement of a non thereby acquired article. Presenters are not entitled to compensation for the damage, if a bidder is not due to the action described in clause 1 is to be bidding on this item or to buy immediately. This also applies in case of system failure.


[12] is a presentation before the auction, or before, the offer by Option Buy It Now (Fixed Price) acquired cleared of Tamil-Auction.com, does not effectively concluded the contract.



§ 11 Amendments to these Terms and Conditions


Tamil-Auction.com reserves the right to change these terms at any time without giving reasons. The amended terms will be sent to members by e-mail no later than two weeks before its entry into force. Does a resist member of the validity of the revised GTC within two weeks after receipt of the e-mail, subject to the amended terms have been adopted. Tamil-Auction.com is the members in the e-mail containing the revised terms, point out the importance of this two-week period.