Keep the Neptune Toilet Lift in your dignity and equilibrium

Keep the Neptune Toilet Lift in your dignity and equilibrium

Unless you can handle yourself in the bathroom, it's difficult to live separately. Our toilet lift can be of assistance!

All of us want to continue living separately for as long as we can, and one of the greatest issues that occur in the bathroom is solved by the Neptune Toilet Lift: getting up and down without assistance from the commode. Our lift is all the assistance we need for many.

It's brilliantly intended to mimic your body's natural sit-down and get-up movements at such moments. It fits over the commode safely and gradually lowers you to a standard sitting position with comforting assistance all the way through. Then, when you're prepared, with the touch of a button, you're softly, slowly and graciously raised. The lift carries you in a familiar, very natural arcthat mimics ordinary motions of the body... and you choose the point to stop— the point where you feel safe and secure to get away.

The lift is well-built, robust and comfortable, with an simple one-button operation powered by a battery with high output. The user can sit completely on the seat with feet strongly on the ground, unlike raised toilets and other seat adaptations. Also, handrails are far superior because you don't need the upper body or arm strength to profit— the lift does the job for you.

The lift is a real wish for those with hip or knee problems, those who return home from the hospital or rehabilitation, or those who merely want to stay autonomous and as long as possible in their home.

And let's say it: it's the bathroom if there's ever a place to want a little independence. What a great thing to recover your privacy in the bathroom now! The Neptune Toilet Lift minimizes the need for caregivers to handle manually, providing you privacy and dignity. It's both a blessing to those who need assistance in the toilet AND to those who have helped.

Caregivers will inform you that helping a loved one or patient in the bathroom is one of their most challenging duties, and this is also a moment of physical danger to both sides. This risk is reduced or eliminated by the lift.

The Neptune Toilet Lift is intended to fit readily into the decor of the bathroom and, if the seat is left in the "down" place, other family members can sit without any issue. It comes with two batteries that can be recharged so one can run as the other does the job. When ordering, for your comfort, you can choose to place the operator controls on the left or right lift arm. The maximum weight for users is 350 lbs. Isn't this the best way to guarantee your toilet equilibrium, autonomy and dignity?

Product Specifications:

  • The Neptune Toilet Lift is designed to gently lower and raise you on and off the toilet so that it mimics the natural body motion (lift range approximately 11 inches)
  • Its slim line design allows it to blend into its surroundings easily, causing no embarrassment to you or any family member
  • At a touch of a switch it will gently lower and raise you on and off the toilet
  • It has two easily rechargeable batteries, presenting no electrical hazard in the bathroom. Number of lifts per charge is approximately 50, but varies due to user weight
  • The Toilet Lift is simple to install. Often all that needs to be done is remove your toilet seat and adjust the height to suit (bowl height adjust from approximately 14.8 to 16.9 inches)
  • It comes with arms which can be raised up to facilitate side transfer and create more space in the bathroom
  • An easy to operate switching system is built into one of the arms. (You choose which one, Please specify preference at time of order.)
  • Also incorporated within the switch arm is a battery status monitoring system, which indicates the charge level of your battery
  • The feet have unique locking cups that are fitted with antislip pads for added security. If required, they can be permanently attached to the floor but still allow it to be removed for cleaning or servicing
  • The removable battery is incorporated neatly into the frame eliminating the risk of trailing wires and cables
  • Toilet Lift is supplied with two standard batteries so that the backup can always be on charge outside the bathroom
  • Contents: Neptune Toilet Lift, 2 arms, 2 rechargeable batteries, recharge adapter, instructions
  • Weight: approximately 40 lbs.
  • Dimensions: overall with arms 25"H x 28"W x 21"D

Neptune Toilet Lift Highlights:

  • The ultimate assist in maintaining your independence
  • An aid to self-management in the bathroom
  • Operates at the touch of one conveniently located button
  • Helps many seniors to continue to enjoy independent living -- and privacy
  • An invaluable aid to those recovering from surgery, those in rehab, etc.
  • A safe, self-help way to minimize manual assistance from caregivers
  • Fits over your existing toilet
  • Slim-line design blends nicely with most bathrooms
  • Arms raise to facilitate side exit -- and to save bathroom space
  • Superior to ordinary handrails as no upper body or arm strength is needed
  • Unlike raised toilet seats or other adapted seats, the user can sit down fully on the seat with feet firmly on the floor.
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