New iPhone design | iPhone 11 Trailer ( iPhone XI ) new Apple iphone 2019

This is trailer of Apple iPhone 11 ( iPhone XI ) trailer based on leaked information and rumors.
Some features: - A13 Bionic Chip - In-display Touch ID sensor - Triple cameras with flash-ring

In this section we look at some of the new changes in the design of the iPhone, whether for usefulness, protection or pure cosmetic beauty.

Camera with triple lens
Twin - lens rear cameras look increasingly old - fashioned - by the end of 2019 we expect most new Android handsets to have three lenses on their back - and there is a widespread rumor that Apple will step up its game in this area.

Prolific leaker OnLeaks posted the earliest picture of this, showing the three lenses and the flash arranged in an irregular square. In a subsequent tweet, however, he emphasized that it was "a freakly[ sic] early leak and therefore things can change until official launch." He also added that "it will look much smaller" in real life when comments expressed dislike of the design.

In our section of leaked photos we look at pictures of the triple cameras of the new iPhone in a square design, as well as the horizontal design that some find more plausible.

In an investor note released in Feb 2019, the respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo backed up the triple-lens theory. Meanwhile, Digitimes reports that Largan Precision, which makes iPhone camera lenses, "remains optimistic about 3-lens or more modules for smartphone flagship models and will continue to expand its production capacity."

In the features section, we look at the specs and features of the triple camera.

An iPhone folding
Currently, the Android phone market is fascinated by folding devices-we have already reviewed the Royole FlexPai, while MWC saw the launch of the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold-but this has not yet reached the iPhone range. If patent activity is anything to go through, that could be about to change.

In a clamshell design, Apple filed a patent for a phone with a flexible, hinged display. "The flexible device may bend when the housing portions in a device are rotated relative to each other," reads the abstract.

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