Patented washing machine for human use | Human washing: Car washing for human beings

Patented washing machine for human use
Safe & Easy For Who?
Everyone can use the patented human washing machine. It can be used without the help of a nurse or other care provider by the elderly or disabled, who may prefer to shower naked by themselves. It can also be used by young, active people (e.g. sportsmen and bodybuilders), who may prefer a showering experience with machine support from time to time (e.g. due to sore muscles).

Where should I go?
The machine can be installed in hospitals, nursing homes, older people's homes, gyms, swimming pools and private homes, etc. The installation is very easy, as all that is needed is for the machine to be mounted next to the shower.

Safety and usability
In the development of the machine, the safety of use was of the utmost importance. The machine was also designed to be easy to use, with user-friendly controls. Push buttons are located at the front panel to start the machine. At the bottom is a stopping plate that can be pushed by hand or foot to stop the operation of the machine.

For added security, after every 10 minutes of use, a timer in the control box stops the machine.

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