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Lopifit - a treadmill on wheels
The Dutch are big on bikes, now they've come up with the Lopifit - an outdoor treadmill rolled into an e-bike. Meike Krüger travelled to Utrecht to check out this new an unusual mode of transportation.

Configuration:High-end Model; Frame:Aluminum alloy; Middle motor:250W Permanent magnet brushless; Battery:36V/15.6A lithium battery; Before and after the center track:1660mm; Vehicle weight:43kg; Standard load:100KG; Rated speed:350rpm; Top speed:25km/h; Pedal away from the ground:180mm; Tire size: (1).Front tire:26 inch; (2).Rear tire:20 inch; Package Size:2050*470*900mm; Product Size:2300*640*1300mm; Range per power:60km.

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