MurphySofa Clean- Double Wall Bed Couch


Looking for a compact Murphy Bed Sofa for a den or a small room? The MurphySofa Double was designed to

give you a sofa wall bed combination in a smaller space. Easily transition from a living room into a bedroom by

simply folding up the wall bed to sit on your sofa. Impressively there is built in storage in the sofa and you can

even leave a coffee table below the lowered wall bed at night time. This system gives you a very efficient use of

your space and allows for a fast transition from a media living room to a bedroom all with the benefits of built in storage and minimal effort to convert. In stock quick ship!

The MurphySofa double wall bed couch system is great for smaller rooms giving you compact sofa with storage

built in combined with a double sized murphy bed. This system can also work well with slightly under height ceilings.

If you have no closet in your den consider you have ample storage room in your sofa for some essentials.

The MurphySofa double is compatible with most transforming tables or boost storage lift tables. It uses a

quad piston system for easy lifting and lowering. Quality 1 piece metal bed frame with wood slats for airflow

and support. Best of yet it is easy to use and looks beautiful with its clean lines and polished finish.

MurphySofa Double Features:
Quad Piston Mechanism (2 Per side)
1 Piece Metal bed frame (Ultra Strong & Durable)
Thick Strong Panels & Metal hardware.
Sofa with Storage function & Replaceable fabric.

Basic Measurements of Wall bed:
Width: 60 inches or 152.4cm
Height: 86 inches or 218.5cm
Depth of Murphy: 15.75 inches or 40cm
Depth of Murphy when open: 79.5 inches or 202cm
Foldover height for transforming tables: 17 inches
Looking for a different size? View the MurphySofa King or MurphySofa Queen

Sofa Measurements:
Width: 71 inches or 180cm
Depth: 31.5 inches or 80cm
Fabric covers are removable, hand washable and replaceable by special order.


Price: $4,995.00

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